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And Another Thing...
A blog created by John Connolly, award-winning author of several mystery/thriller books

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing
JA Konrath writes the Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels thriller series.

Art and Literature
From Art Taylor, fiction writer, book critic, and assistant professor of English at George Mason University.

Buzz, Balls, and Hype
A look at the publishing industry and marketing by MJ Rose, the internationally bestselling author of eight novels and the creator of AuthorBuzz, a publicity service, and online marketing courses. MJ also maintains the Backstory Blog,

Classic Mysteries
A blog run by Les Blatt which is associated with the “Classic Mysteries” podcast (, for “fine detective stories worth reading and re-reading.”

CLEWS, The Historic True Crime Blog
A blog created by crime historian Laura James, Esquire

Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind
Sarah Weinman is an editor for GalleyCat,'s publishing industry news blog. She’s also the Baltimore Sun's crime fiction columnist and writes "Dark Passages," a monthly online mystery & suspense column for the Los Angeles Times Book Review.

Crime Always Pays
Declan Burke is an Irish freelance writer, editor and author, with an entertaining blog on mystery/crime fiction from a European perspective.

Crime Fiction Dossier
A blog created by David J. Montgomery, who writes about authors and books for several of the country's largest newspapers, including the Chicago Sun-Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Washington Post and Boston Globe

Crime Scene Blog
Offers a daily crime roundup from around the country

Crime Spot
Crime Spot is a sort of Grand Central Station for mystery and crime fiction blogs. There are links to a variety of blogs on the site, which keeps track of how often they have new postings. There’s also a news section, which is updated periodically.

Criminal Thoughts
This is a blog created by Anthony Rainone, the New York editor for CrimeSpree Magazine, a Contributing Editor for January Magazine, and a writer for Mystery Scene Magazine. He’s also a graduate of the NYPD Citizen's Police Academy

Detectives Beyond Borders
A forum for international crime fiction

Do You Write Under Your Own Name
A blog by British crime writer, Martin Edwards
Euro Crime
Snippets about British and other European crime fiction, TV, and film

Graveyard Shift
A blog by Lee Lofland, author of Police Procedure and Investigation, A Guide For Writers

In Cold Blog
News and Reviews about crime fiction

Indie Crime
A blog dedicated to reviewing crime novels published by independent presses everywhere.

Investigation Discovery: The Criminal Report Daily
A true-crime blog written by David Lohr, who is also a senior investigative crime writer for CourtTV's Crime Library.

It’s a Crime
This blog promises to bring you the best of crime and mystery fiction, focusing on British crime writers.

The Knowledgeable Blogger
A blog for lovers of crime fiction created by Dick Adler, who also maintains the blog, Paperback Mysteries,

Malefactor’s Register
A blog focusing on historical true crime

Marine Mysteries
The blog created by crime writer Pauline Rowson.

Material Witness
New, reviews, and interviews

Meritorious Mysteries
By reviewer Molly Weston, “an attempt to bring good crime fiction to the attention of others. …an opportunity to share my mystery lecture topics with others. …an offering of mystery happenings”

Mysterious Matters
Mysterious Matters is “designed to educate and entertain both writers and readers of mystery and suspense novels with tips, comments, and the inside story of the mystery publishing business.”

Mysterious Musing
Author Julia Buckley’s blog

Mystery Books News
A blog of news from the world of mystery fiction from the folks at Hidden Staircase Mystery Books

Mystery Crime Fiction
Mystery news by Sandy Mitchell

Mystery File
A blog “Devoted to mystery and detective fiction — the books, the authors, and those who read, collect and make annotated lists of them”

MysterySuspense Blog
How to and resources for mystery and suspense writers

Pretty Sinister Books
News and reviews from a part-time bookseller and essayist.

Something is Going to Happen
The official blog of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

Sons of Spade
Spotlighting the fictional PI

The 5-2: Crime Poetry Weekly
Curated and hosted by Gerald So.

The Graveyard Shift
Lee Lofland’s “Guide to all things cops and robbers.” Lee is a veteran police investigator, mystery writer, and author of the Writers Digest Book’s Howdunit series offering, Police Procedure and Investigation.

Things I’d Rather Be Doing
Music, culture, books and movies, with a crime fiction focus, from John Kenyon.

Trace Evidence
The official blog for Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

True Crime Blog
Blogging about true crime by Steve Huff


7 Criminal Minds
Although it originally started out with seven authors, the roster now includes Sue Ann Jaffarian, Lois Winston, Rebecca Cantrell, Joshua Corin, Tracy Kiely, Graham Brown, Kelli Stanley, Michael Wiley, Meredith Cole, Gabriella Herkert, Reece Hirsch, Gary Phillips and Hilary Davidson, Vicki Delany.

Acme Authors Link
Writing, networking, and everyday tips from the Masters - Debra St. John, June Sproat, Terri Stone, Morgan Mandel, DL Larson, Rob Walker, Margot Justes and Christine Verstraete.

A Knife and Quill
Postings from authors L. Vera, K.A. Laity, Jessica McHugh

Carnival of the Criminal Minds
A “progressive party” of a blog where guest bloggers host the carnival by posting a round-up of blogosphere events and/or has a themed carnival and invites bloggers to write about a specific topic, such as Australian crime fiction.

Cozy Chicks
The online coffee and chat salon of chick-lit/cozy mystery authors Diana Killian, Karen MacInerney, Michele Scott, Maggie Sefton, JB Stanley, Heather Webber, and Kate Collins

Crime Fiction Collective
A roster of crime fiction authors, editors, reviewers and a forensic scientist, including L.J. Sellers, Andrew E. Kaufman, Jodie Renner, Marlyn Beebe, Judith Yates Borger, C.J. West,, Peg Brantley, Gayle Carline and Tom Adair.

Crime Lab Project
A place to talk about the Crime Lab Project, forensic science, and news from the CLP News/CLP Morgue with E. J. Wagner, Sandra Ruttan, and Jan Burke

Crime Sistahs
Crime Sistahs are authors Gammy Singer, Pamela Samuels-Young, Angela Henry, and Patricia Sargeant

Crime Space
This blog bills itself as “a place for readers and writers of crime fiction to meet.”  There are over 850 (to date) authors, with videos, photos, news, articles, and links.

Criminal Brief
Features Robert Lopresti, Melodie Johnson Howe, James Lincoln Warren, Leigh Lundin, Steven Steinbock, Deborah Elliott-Upton, and guest contributors

Criminal Minds at Work
The author bloggers include Cheryl Tardif, Chris Redding, Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith, Eileen Schuh, Arnold Wolf, Jeff Bennington, Peg Herring, Juanita Rose Violini, Maryann Miller.

Deadly Divas
Sharon Short, Denise Swanson, Marcia Talley, Heather Webber

Femmes Fatales
Donna Andrews, Dana Cameron, Charlaine Harris, Julie Wray Herman, Toni L.P. Kelner, Marlys Millhiser, Kris Neri, Mary Saums, Elaine Viets

First Offenders
Lori G. Armstrong, Alison Gaylin, Karen E. Olson, and Jeff Shelby

Get it Write
A blog featuring the authors published by Perseverance Press.

Hardboiled Partners in Crime
Musings of authors Jim Wilsky and Frank Zafiro.

Hey Dead Guy
Jeffrey Cohen, Denise Dietz, Gordon Aalborg, Lynne Patrick, Sharon Wheeler, PJ Nunn, Robin Agnew, Abby Zidle

In For Questioning
John McFetridge, Julia Buckley, Sandra Ruttan

A collection of authors published by Midnight Ink Books, writing novels ranging from cozy mysteries to suspense thrillers. Authors include Keith Raffel, Jess Lourey, Mark Combes, Karen MacInerney, Deb Baker, Amy Patricia Meade, Joanna Campbell Slan, Bill Cameron, Cricket McRae, Tom Schreck, Julia Buckley, gerald anderson, Chuck Zito, G.M. Malliet, Nina Wright, Joe Moore, Sue Ann Jaffarian, Tim Maleeny, jbstanley, Candy Calvert, Lynn Sholes, Mark Terry, Susan Goodwill, Felicia Donovan.

Jungle Red Writers
Rosemary Harris, Hallie Ephron, Hank Phillipi Ryan,  Jan Brogan

Keep Me In Suspense
Writing “inspirational suspense and mystery” with Lisa Harris, Jefferson Scott, Cara Putman, Susan Page Davis, Glenn Rambo, Lynette Sowell, Brandt, Wanda Dyson, Beth Goddard, and Candice Speare

Killer Hobbies
Joanna Campbell Slan, Deb Baker, Monica Ferris, Linda O. Johnston, Kathryn Lilley, Camille Minichino/Margaret Grace

Lady Killers
Jane Finnis, Lyn Hamilton, Mary Anna Evans, Rhys Bowen, Cara Black

Lipstick Chronicles
Harley Jane Kozak, Nancy Martin, Sarah Strohmeyer, Elaine Viets, Michele Martinez

Little Blog of Murder
Five Ohio mystery authors, Don Bruns, Judy Clemens, C.R. Corwin, Casey Daniels, Jeffrey Marks

Maine Crime Writers
Authors based in Maine who write Maine-themed mysteries, including Gerry Boyle, Vicki Doudera, Kaitlyn Dunnett, Kate Flora, Sarah Graves, James Hayman, Paul Doiron, Barbara Ross, Julia Spencer-Fleming and Lea Wait.

Moments in Crime
A blog for mystery/crime fiction authors published by St. Martin’s Minotaur

Murder She Writes
Jennifer Apodaca, Allison Brennan, Natalie R. Collins, Deborah Leblanc, and Karin Tabke

Murder Squad
John Baker, Ann Cleves, Martin Edwards, Chaz Brenchley, Margaret Murphy, Cath Staincliffe, Stuart Pawson

Pari Noskin Taichert, Louise Ure, Ken Bruen, Robert Gregory Browne, J.D. Rhoades, Simon Wood, JT Ellison, Alexandra Sokoloff,  Mike MacLean, Naomi Hiraha

Murder is Everywhere
Six mystery authors whose books are set outside the USA, including Cara Black, Leighton Gage, Tim Hallinan, Jeff Siger, Michael Stanley (Stan Trollip and Michael Sears), Yrsa Sigur­ardˇttir and Dan Waddell.

Mystery/Crime Fiction
This is actually an aggregate of blogs, articles, and discussions about mystery and crime fiction. Contributors include Sandy Mitchell, Jem Bloomfield, Vickie Britton, Cindy Finnegan, Phillip Northeast, Colin Harvey, Rebecca Conrad, Mike Gerrard, and Christine Nyholm.

Outfit Collective
Sean Chercover, Barbara D'Amato, Michael Allen Dymmoch, Kevin Guilfoile, Libby Hellmann, Sara Paretsky, Marcus Sakey

Poe’s Deadly Daughters
Sharon Wildwind, Elizabeth Zelvin, Sandra Parshall,  Lonnie Cruse, Julia Buckley

Rap Sheet
J. Kingston Pierce, Megan Abbott, Dick Adler, Ali Karim, Stephen Miller, Roger Morris, Anthony Rainone, Linda L. Richards, Kevin Burton Smith, David Thayer, Jim Winter

Sisters In Crime Blog
The blog for the National SinC organization.

Sleuth Sayers
A 15-member group crime-writing, crime-fighting blog that grew out of Criminal Brief. The roster includes:  Monday, Fran Rizer and Jan Grape;  Tuesday,  Dale Andrews and David Dean;  Wednesday,  Rob Lopresti and Neil Schofield; Thursday, Janice Law and Deborah Elliott-Upton; Friday, RT Lawton and Dixon Hill;  Saturday, John Floyd and Liz Zelvin; Sunday, Leigh Lundin and Louis Willis.

Sleuths, Spies and Alibis
Middle grade and young adult mystery writers, including W.H. Beck, Laura Ellen, Lamar "L.R." Giles, Kristen Kittscher, Elisa Ludwig, Diana Renn and Talia Vance.

Type M for Murder
Rick Blechta, Charles Benoit, Vicki Delany, Deborah Turrell Atkinson, Donis Casey and Kathleen Delany

Women of Mystery
Meredith Anthony, Lois Karlin, Catherine Maiorisi, Terrie Farley Moran, Clare Toohey, Laura Kramarsky, Elaine Will Sparber, Nan Higginson

Working Stiffs
Kristine Coblitz, Joyce Tremel, Mike Crawmer, Nancy Martin, Tory Butterworth,  Annette Dashofy, Kathryn Miller Haines, Martha Reed, Pat Hart, Brenda Roger, Gina Sestak, Lisa Curry,  Kathie Shoop, Susan Helene Gottfried, Cathy Corn, Brian Mullen


Avid Mystery Reader
To discover, discuss and share awesome crime fiction stories with other readers in the crime fiction-reading community.

A blog with highlights from the discussion lists DetecToday, Spenser's Sneakers, and CrimeSeen

The Crime of It All
Len Wanner's review and interview website that focuses on crime fiction.

Crime Fiction Lover
Crime Fiction Lover was set up by two journalists who love reading crime stories; everything from atmospheric noir to pulp thrillers.

Crimeways Magazine
Writings with a focus on hardboiled, noir and pulp fiction

A home for all that rocks in the world of crime fiction. The main focus of this site is books, movies, and television shows.

Fair Dinkum Crime
Fair Dinkum Crime is hosted by two Adelaide-based book bloggers who are fans of Australian crime fiction. The site is a place for their reviews of Australian crime fiction to be highlighted and includes  author interviews, news, award updates and anything else relevant to  Australian crime fiction.

House of Mystery
Devoted to news and reviews of Canadian crime fiction.

Kittling Books
Book reviews, giveaways.

Murder Must Advertise
An outgrowth of the MMA newsgroup, with tips and information on marketing and publicity.

Mystery Lovers Corner
News, reviews, author updates

Murder, Mystery, Mayhem
News, reviews, giveaways.

Mystery People
A blog from the Austin, Texas mystery bookstore of the same name. Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott Montgomery promises book reviews, author Q&A's, news about events, and "notices of great books and authors (both past and present) that you’ve come to expect from MysteryPeople."

Postmodern Mystery
Devoted to experimental, unconventional and postmodern approaches to stories of mystery and suspense.

Read Me Deadly
The Material Witnesses are avid readers of crime fiction of all types. We  created this site as a place for readers to join us in talking about our devotion to reading crime fiction.

The Thrill Begins
The official blog for the International Thriller Writers.


200 Weeks
A regular British police officer who has spent his entire service ‘in the trenches’ as a front-line officer

Crime Dime
Written by criminologists, academics, and criminal justice professionals

Crime, Guns, and Videotape
By Paul Hubel, a Licensed Private Detective, Former Chicago policeman, and Investigative vlogcaster

Diary of a Police Officer
Anonymous US police officer

Inspector Gadget
Blog by a uniformed Inspector from a County police force in England (before the police, heI soldiered for the Queen)

Los Angeles Police Department
The official blog of the LAPD

The Magistrate’s Blog
Musings and Snippets from an anonymous English Magistrate

Police Locker Room
A police supervisor on the outskirts of one of the UK's main cities


Jennifer Jackson, literary agent

From the literary agency, Bookends LLC

Book Square
“Dissecting the publishing industry with love and skepticism”

Dystel and Goderich Literary Management
From the literary agency of the same name

Evil Editor
Lots of snarky fun from an anonymous editor who critiques queries on the blog

Miss Snark
Arguably the most famous of the literary agent blogs, Miss Snark ceased her blog in May 2007, but will keep the archives up with wonderful snarky information on the publishing biz.

Nathan Bransford
A former Literary Agent with the San Francisco office of Curtis Brown Ltd., a New York based agency that has been representing writers since 1914

Pub Rants
Kristen, a literary agent. Provides some good info on agreements and shopping for an agent

Publishing Insider
Blog by Carl Lennertz of Harper Collins Publishers

The Rejecter
Assistant at an anonymous literary agency


At Last! Writer Beware Blogs
A blog about hunting down scam agents, and information on writing and publishing from authors/scam hunters Victoria Strauss and A.C. Crispin.

Book Slut
News and reviews from the same folks who run the monthly Bookslut web magazine. Both provide a constant supply of news, reviews, commentary, insight, and “more than occasional opinions.”

Galley Cat
Edited by Ron Hogan and Sarah Weinman who try to be “the first word on the book publishing industry” with news on agents, authors, award, book fairs, bookselling, and more

Novel Talk
A blog that bills itself as a community for authors and readers, and includes dozens of author participants. There are contests, chats, an “Ask the Author” section and more

Omnivoracious is a blog run by the book editors at, who “aim to share our passion for the written word through news, reviews, interviews, and more.”